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Efdot Studio



Hey! I'm Eric. I work with brands to create memorable, lettering-based images that bring people together.

My style has many applications, but I am particularly passionate about large-scale murals, apparel design and social media marketing.

What's my story?

A couple years back, I lost almost everything I owned to a building fire. This experience made me realize what truly mattered, and also led me to starting the Optimist Project.

After rebuilding my life, I made it my goal to collaborate with brands and organizations spreading good in the world.

I've been lucky enough to have some amazing teachers and mentors, including the ambigram wizard John Langdon. To pay it forward, I share my knowledge & process through a weekly blog, as well as in-person workshops.

Have a project you need help with? Want to say hi or ask a question?

Companies I've Helped:

WeWork, Google, MTV, Heineken, Food Network, Hudson Woods, State Bicycle Co, The Future Project, High Fructose Magazine

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