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Efdot Studio

Art of Skate Workshop


The Art of Skate is a one-day workshop about lettering and illustration on skate decks.


About the Workshop

If you’re a designer, visual artist, letterer or illustrator wanting to gain confidence, improve your drawing techniques and make work that stands out, this workshop is for YOU.

Everyone has a natural drawing style. The key is learning to master it and amplify the parts that make it unique.

I will teach you how to evolve your natural drawing style and apply your own custom artwork to a blank skateboard. You will leave with a handful of experimental sketches on paper and a customized skateboard deck of your very own. You will also receive a limited edition At of Skate screen print with artwork created by me, and a variety of paint markers, pens and pencils.


What You Will Learn:

• Sketching/refining process using pencil and ink
• Strategies for combining lettering and illustration
• Mapping out your composition on a blank skateboard deck
• Combining and using colors to enhance your art
• Calligraphy and Drawing Demos with paint markers
• Ending with a Freelancing Q&A Session where I will answer questions and cover topics such as pricing, murals, commissions and client work.


“This workshop was completely out of my comfort zone. I loved interacting with like-minded people the most, but also being able to see the different styles we all were able to translate onto our decks.”
—Brittany Rose Jean-Noel

"Eric's workshop really got me back into being creative in my free time."
—Taylor Lim, Freelance Designer

"Eric really knows his stuff, but more importantly, he knows how to teach too."
Mark Ramdarass, Graphic Designer


2019 workshops launching soon.