Spread hope and gratitude to those who need it most.

Director - Matt Figler  |  Producer - Jess Lee  |  Editor- Cory McCabe  |  Music- Blueberry by Jesiah

The Optimist Story

After losing everything to a building fire and nearly escaping death, I found this sketch left over in the ruins. I started sending out letterpress prints to share my gratitude for the all the help and support I received. Since then I have been selling these products to benefit fundraising campaigns for other disaster survivors that need immediate support.

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Share Your Own Optimist Story

"I've always struggled with the happiness feeling that everyone seems to have innately. I've always been drawn towards sad things, But that was a stark contrast to who I presented myself to be.

I always felt like I had this huge secret from everyone and that if I told them about it, I would let them down. That they'd think of me as a fraud or something. Because of that, once I graduated college, I moved to 10 different cities. I've never lived out a full lease in my life..."

– McKenna Bailey, Phoenix, AZ

Support the project

10% of the profits are donated to disaster survivors and families in need through direct fundraising campaigns. The rest is invested back into the project to make more quality products.

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