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Optimist Art Show Prints

Optimist Art Show Prints


One-of-a-kind giclee prints featuring art by:

Dan Lee, Ricardo Gonzales, Nim Ben-Reuven, Lauren Hom, Amber Morgan, Eva M Winters, Ari Woeste, Scotty Russell, Bob Ewing, Andy J Miller, Mark Caneso, Jocelyn Tsaih, Matthew Smith, Mark Conlan, Scott Biersack, Sidney Howard, Terence Tang, Victoria Reyes, Alan Rodriguez, Kyle Letendre and Vinnie Neuberg

Sizes range from 9x12 to 14x18. All $35 each. Free US shipping.

100% of each sale (minus shipping) will go to a non-profit organization of the artist's choice. There are some great organizations like Charity: Water and ACLU that could really use our help.

Thanks for helping make a difference!

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