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Efdot Studio




Custom lettering for "Underrated" video series.

Project Goals: 

Give the current landing page a more unique and branded experience.
Create something unique and that draws people into it.
Send a t-shirt to reward the people who have shared their story on your blog. 

Stylistic Direction:

Eclectic style, bold, perhaps slightly 'bubbly'. 
Unlike the font used for "Learn Out Loud" logo (which is way too rigid)
Show evidence of the hand drawn human element, learn from mistakes.


Updated Sketches:


Concept 1: Exciting / lighthearted

Overall this direction is bold, timeless and a bit more playful.

The flourish coming off the lowercase D creates flow & unique character. This detail leads the eye toward the nested R's, which give a subtle nod to the meaning of the word "underrated". 

Concept 2: Bold & Triumphant

This direction is more in line with what you currently have, spelling out the word in all CAPS, making it louder almost like a proclamation/movement.

The letterforms are highly structured, but the E's and R's give this one a special flare. Drawing from the word "UNDER", both the flourished R's and the underline allude to the underdog mentality without being too literal.



Sketching process:

A little time lapse to show the exploration of these two concepts, in case you were curious.


Next Steps

Let's choose a direction that works for your needs and move forward with refining the design, while keeping the hand-drawn feel.