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Efdot Studio



Teaching you hands-on techniques to create your own unique lettering.

Have you ever tried to create your own logo, invitations or products, yet you’re tired of using the same fonts that you see everywhere?


Here's your opportunity to learn how to add your own personal touch to your designs.


Receive personalized 1-on-1 feedback to improve your work.

You can ask as many questions as you want and I will share my best practices as they apply to your specific project. You won't find that in an online course!


"Now that I have a full time job and have moved, I haven't gotten a chance to really get back to just sketching and being creative in my free time. Eric's lettering workshop was the perfect way to do that and learn more about something I love.

The tips and demonstrations were super valuable! 

Even if lettering isn't something you are specializing in, it's really a great break from sitting in front of the computer all day."

– Taylor Lim, Graphic Desinger


Workshop Options:

Morning / Afternoon (2-3 hours)
Full day (5-6 hours)
Two days (10-12 hours)
Script Lettering or Illustrative Lettering

All Workshops Cover:

Anatomy of letterforms
History of lettering styles
Sketching & refining methods
Creating your own custom piece