Summer of Sketching Week 4: Nature

This past week we were focusing on the theme of QUANTITY. It was really cool to see so many people sharing their rough thumbnail sketches that usually never see the light of day.


Getting Inspired n' Stuff

A couple weeks ago I went hiking at Muir Woods in Northern California with my good friend Dan Lee (who I actually met through SoS back in 2015). If you've never heard of Muir Woods, it's a US national park with the most ginormous sequoia trees in the world.

While we were hiking, I made a joke that in order to get inspired to make good art, you have to rack up all the inspiration points, and there were lots of them lying around in the woods.

Though it was meant to be sarcastic, I think there's something about spending time in nature that helps you slow down and reflect. Whenever I get away from the craziness in the city, I always come back feeling peaceful and recharged.

Anyways, we did a 7 mike hike and found this sweet clearing at the top of the mountain.

This week’s prompt: NATURE

This week I want everyone to slow down and chill with some plants for a while. Take whatever inspiration you get and channel it into your sketchbook (or iPad – whatever you're using to draw).

Post your sketches on Instagram with #summerofsketching and follow along with the rest of the community. Have fun!

Tip of the week:

"You can't polish a turd." 

Have a good concept before trying to add extra decoration.