Warming up for Summer of Sketching

We are less than a week away from launching Summer of Sketching 2017 and I am SERIOUSLY STOKED.

All of my projects always start with sketching to get ideas out. Whether it's a mural, a product or something else, it's a great practice to be able to quickly visualize your ideas.

All that said, I haven't been putting enough time into my personal sketchbook lately... So this challenge is going to help us both get out and make more stuff.

Warming up

Let's start super simple. For this week, you can use the name of the project "Summer of Sketching" as your prompt.

You can interpret that however you want (lettering / illustration or something else). The point of this is to get loosened up and excited for the coming weeks. Don't be too precious with this exercise or you'll end up overthinking – just try to have fun!

If you're feeling rusty or stuck, try doodling on crappy printer paper that you don't mind throwing away. Once you get your hand moving, it becomes much easier to keep going. Trust the process and you'll find your groove.

Getting in the Groove

Like with anything, this project is going to be what you make of it. If you only have half an hour to carve out in your schedule each week, that's totally fine. Use whatever you have. 

We're gonna be making a big push before the launch, so I'd love your help in sharing the project this week.

Sharing your Progress

Post your SoS warm up sketches on Instagram, tagging #summerofsketching and telling your friends about the project! (The short URL is summerofsketching.com if anyone wants to sign up.)

This will enter you into the end-of-summer giveaway and also give you a chance to be featured in this newsletter.

Here's one more reason to share:

Posting about the project early will provide added accountability.

Just like with our ambitious new years resolutions, tt's easy to fall behind and let yourself down. However, if you're serious about this project, it makes total sense to tell your friends about it. If they're expecting weekly drawings from you, you wouldn't wanna let them down, right?

Let's do this

Good luck with warming up this week. Let me know if you have any questions about the project, organizing meetups, or just sketching in general. Email me at eric@efdotstudio.com. I'm here to help.

Can't wait to kick this off in a few days. Thanks so much!

Eric Friedensohn