Chalk Lettering Murals

Designed and installed in 2015 at the experiential marketing agency MKG in Soho.


"Listen, Everyone has a story to tell."
Collaboration with Olga Vasik

I met Olga when she was visiting NYC in 2015. After following each other online for a while, we knew we wanted to plan some kind of collaboration. We divided up the letters and sketched up an assortment of styles to represent strangers coming together.

Eric Friedensohn Will Pay Dare To Love Sketches

Dare to Love
Collaboration with Will Pay

A few days before making this mural, my roommate Will had broken up with his girlfriend and was getting ready to move to Seattle. This was also right before Valentine's Day, so naturally we had a great topic to work from.

The concept was that even though love can get you down, it's still worth pursuing for it's benefits. A life without love is a missed opportunity.