Logo for Cory McCabe Films

Key goals for Cory McCabe Films:

 - Create beautiful short films that share common everyday issues and struggles that are not shown in mainstream films.

 - Provide opportunities for collaboration through your extended network and website.

 - Eventually have a core dedicated team working underneath you, so you can focus solely on the direction of the films.

Branding Direction:

 - Encapsulate the mysterious (and somewhat dark) nature, as well as the creativity throughout the films.

 - Strong recommendation to use a fox icon as a pictorial logo






Fox Icon Exploration

I began with a bunch of rough sketches to get ideas for composition and form. The fox needed to be detailed enough to have personality, but simple enough to be memorable.



Type Exploration

Searching for the right style to pair with the fox logo.

Logo Variations

I chose the fox that was most appropriate, unique and ownable out of my sketches, then used the golden ratio to create a balanced form.

For added personality, the fox can also be shown with three different tail variations, the main position being down.



When combined with the business name, the logo sits inside a tight lockup in a round semi-circle shape. The night sky details create a sense of wonder and curiousity.




For the above logo, the type is set in a modified version of the Muncie. To accompany the logo, the typeface can be used in its pure form.



Business Cards & Shirts

Logo shown as is would look  on letterpress business cards and gold stamped foil




Mockup to show how the branding could look on your company website.


Video Branding

Fox can stand alone in the corner of youtube videos.


Boom. Branding.