Running a mission-driven organization is extremely difficult.


You're sticking your neck out there and doing something different. People are noticing, but for some reason they are not remembering you or buying. 

Custom illustrative lettering helps your brand stand out from the crowd. If you want a design that will make your audience to take pride in sharing your mission, let's talk.



I'm Eric Friedensohn, Lettering Artist from New York. 
I create art to help you reach your audience.



Turn your customers into ambassadors

When it comes to making an impression, you need both quality and quantity. People won't remember what you said – they will remember how it made them feel. Are you making your audience feel unique? Safe? Empowered? 

Connect your audience to your mission

Actions speak louder than words, but what if you could teach words to act? That's my specialty. Using careful stylistic choices and subtle iconography, I create impactful images with meaning and purpose to fit your audience demographic.


People support brands they believe in

Imagine being a new employee and receiving a brand new t-shirt on your first day of work, with the company manifesto printed across the chest in an edgy and relevant design. You'd wear that thing like a badge of honor!

Hand Lettering cuts through the noise

People don't resonate with things, they resonate with other people. Custom hand-drawn lettering reminds your audience that there is a person on the other side of the brand. With a beautiful and eye-catching lettering piece, your message will stand out in a sea of noisey and faceless competitors.


Paint the town red

After I turn your mission from zero to hero, you can share it anywhere and everywhere to get people excited: It can live on your website, social media profiles, printed posters, t-shirts, office murals, you name it!

Hire me to bridge the gap between your mission and your audience.

Be radical!

What's more memorable and exciting – a blank office filled with cubicles, or a funky space filled with meaningful art? Your brand needs to be bold inside and out, in order to be remembered and shared. Don't make the mistake of having cookie-cutter marketing.


My Services

- Consultation to distill & simplify your company's mission

- Custom lettering piece for your brand to advertise and sell on products

- Add-on services - paint & chalk murals, print production, social media campaigns


Click here to learn more about my process

Here's what a few people have said about working with me:

Working with Eric was fantastic. I shared what I wanted for the result and trusted his craft and process to deliver.

When he walked me through the process and design my face hurt from smiling. The result of his skill was beautiful.
— Chris McAlister
I was immediately able to trust Eric in the design process because of his ability to understand the big picture and fine details of the project.

He is extremely easy to work with: responsive, articulate, and truly skilled at blending all moving parts into a cohesive brand.

Tomis Parker