The Optimist Project

Spreading hope and gratitude through art and streetwear

Director - Matt Figler  |  Producer - Jess Lee  |  Editor- Cory McCabe  |  Music- Blueberry by Jesiah

The Optimist Story


In August of 2014, I ran for my life out of a burning apartment building as all of my possessions were destroyed.

One of the only things that survived was this rough sketch.


This lettering piece became a symbol of hope to get through tough times.

Losing my home made me realize how much we all have to be grateful for. The intangible experiences & relationships will always matter more than material things.


Optimist Art Show

In November 2016, I cleared out my apartment to host an art exhibition to celebrate unity and acceptance (in the wake of the presidential election).

20 of my friends each donated a poster to benefit a charity of their choice. Proceeds from each poster sold were donated to a charity of the artists' choice.



Support the project

Ever since the fire, I have been creating products to promote a mindset of progress and perseverance. More items are coming soon in 2017.

15% of the profits are donated to love-spreading charities – currently Big Brothers Big Sisters. The rest is invested back into the project to make more quality products.


Optimist Letterpress Card
from 7.00