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humanizing the workplace


Client: WeWork

WeWork is a shared workspace, community, and services for a global network of creators. The common spaces inside WeWork have a distinct aesthetic and vibe that will inspire your team, as well as the guests you bring into the buildings.

Prompt: When a WeWork membr enters a new space, the interior design and the art work seamlessly to feel like it was made as a gift just for them. Locally inspired art becomes an opportunity to collaborate and connect over a shared feeling. This elevates the workplace experience far beyond your typical corporate office environment.

Over the course of 3 years, Efdot Studio worked with WeWork to create dozens of unique spaces across North and South America. The span of work we created ranges across large scale murals, art installations, neon signs, custom rugs, canvases, curated framed art and local artist collaborations.

The main goal for these interior Art installations was to make each space feel unpretentious, inclusive and locally relevant to each country, city and neighborhood.

Results: WeWork has sold over 100,000 memberships in the North and South America markets since 2015. The art in WeWork spaces across has gained international recognition and have become the physical DNA of a successful brand. The art has been photographed and shared on social media by thousands of local visitors and members, promoting a culture and of optimism and creativity.



Port Orleans Brewery


Client: Port Orleans Brewery

Project: Beer Garden Transformed

Prompt: In the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, there’s a culture of craft beer and backyard crawfish boils. In April of 2017, Port Orleans Brewery hired Efdot and his collaborators (Adam Vicarel, Ashlee Arsineax Jones, Phoebe and Roxy of Pandr Design Co.) to transform their beer garden from a gravel pit with picnic tables into a vibrant space for connection and conversation.

Result: A mural with a simple sentiment, “CHEERS” was the perfect accent to an already delicious experience. Each artist illustrated a unique letterforms, keeping the color palette consistent. The result is an uplifting and light-hearted space that draws people in right off the street. Since the mural was installed, the brewery has seen a 150% increase in event attendance and customer retention. (edited)


What better way to celebrate New Orleans, Louisiana than to over-eat, over-drink, and paint an over-sized wall? Tasked with the challenge of livening up this 42' x 11' space, our team focused on creating a bold, simple design that was immediately eye catching from the street. A fairly new brewery in the area, Port Orleans Brewing is now photographic-destination point and therefore a location to remember. Cheers! — Collaborators: Pandr Design (Phoebe Cornog and Roxy Prima), Eric Friedenson, and Ashlee Arceneaux Jones Video: Andres Ballesteros

VS.Website.PortOrleansMural.DJI_00290.01a (1).jpg

Brooklyn Love


Client: Blick Art Materials

Blick is a chain of art supply stores, serving hobbyists and professional artists acoss the nation.

Project: Brooklyn Love Mural

Prompt: In Summer of 2018, Efdot was commissioned to create an immersive mural for Blick Art Materials new store in South Williamsburg. The Design challenge here was to create legibility and visual balance, despite half of the mural being covered by various product displays. The result is a welcoming and distinct art piece that enhances the shopping experience.

Outcome: This murial helped to open Blick’s store, drawing attention to what any artist, designer, crafter, or maker can do with the right set of tools, to be found at Blick.