Goals for this Design:

- Make something clever, cool and eye-catching, that entrepreneurs will be proud to wear
- Capture some of the essence/meaning of the given phrase, so the graphic feels compatible with the SPI brand


Visual Inspiration:

Each image in the provided inspiration has the following in common:
Smooth thicks & thins, boldness, tightness and "knockout coloring"



Sketch Exploration

To deliver the best possible solution, it's necessary to explore a range of compositions and styles.




Refinement & Detailing

To make the design really pop, I started experimenting with outlines and drop shadows.

Concept 1: Cool & Casual

Concept 2: Warm & Friendly


Concept 3: Unique & Impactful




After choosing the best direction, I vectored the design, fixing any spacing issues and improving legibility

Final artwork

Adding the inline, outline and drop shadow make this design pop off the shirts.


I hope the SPI community will be proud to wear these new t-shirts and continue serving their audiences!