Art Can Bring People Together

This past week has been an emotional one for all of us. Out of all the confusion and fear, I felt the need to try harder and connect with members the creative community face-to-face.

It can feel so difficult to see the big picture in times like these. Now more than ever, we need to continue spreading love, hope and gratitude.

This Saturday I'm organizing the first ever Optimist Gathering / Art Show.

The goal is simple: to bring together a small group to show support for each other as artists and people.

We need to put our heads (and hearts) together to make a greater impact with our creativity.

The space will be designed to promote discussion and collaboration. My hope is that attendees will walk away feeling empowered to use their time and skills for good.

All of the art that will be on display is generously donated by my friends from across the world. To name a few: Dan Lee, Ricardo Gonzales, Amber Morgan, Eva M Winters, Nim Ben-Reuven, Lauren Beltramo, Alan Rodriguez, Andy J Miller... I'm grateful to know these people and I'm excited to share their work with the rest of the community.

Sure, they are just drawings. But I believe they hold a lot of power, especially when seen in the right context. These words, symbols and illustrations can connect us with each other and spark new ideas. An art show won't save the world, but I think it's a pretty good start.

I'll also be selling the remaining Optimist t-shirts and beanies from last month's launch. Proceeds will go to love-assisting agencies such as Planned Parenthood and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

This is totally an experiment and it's being planned last minute, so I don't know exactly what will come from it. But I trust that it will be good.

Saturday, November 19th, 7-11pm
469 Park Place, #4LF
Brooklyn, NY 11238


If you can't make it or are not located in the New York area:

I encourage you to reach out this weekend and meet with local creatives in your area (in person or on a call). Change happens one person at a time, so listening intently to the feelings and struggles from those around you is a great first step.

Please share this post with your friends in the NYC area that might be interested. Thank you!

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