What Up, DOG?

Pins. That's what's up.

At holiday time, I always like to make a small limited edition product, just for fun. I think it's a healthy practice to have as a designer. It gets your newest work into the hands of your friends for feedback.

The Skate Dog Story

A couple months ago I hit a huge creative dry spell. I was feeling burnt out and uninspired. A few friends of mine encouraged me to take on the Inktober challenge - to create a new black & white drawing every day for the month of October.

I wanted to mix things up, so I went way outside my comfort zone and illustrated a whole bunch of THINGS instead of just funky letters & words. 

Since I was unable to actually go skateboarding, I channeled all that frustrated energy into these daily exercises. I tried to think up silly ideas that would lighten up the mood and challenge me to think harder. It ended up being way more fun than I thought it would be.

This was the most popular drawing from the series, and it was actually based on one of my Summer of Sketching posts from Fourth of July weekend.

Then a few forknights ago, I met my friend Eduardo who runs the Instagram account @pinlord and I had a saucey idea. Eduardo collaborates with artists to help them get started in the #pingame. A few emails back and forth and voilà!

The Skate Dog Pin was born!

These 1.5 inch puppies are made from hard enamel and there are only 40 of them are available. Get em while they're hot.

Skate Dog Pin
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Eric Friedensohn